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Glass Teapots

Glass teapots are carefully chosen to give you teapots that are both practical to use‚ good pourers and which also look pleasing to the eye.

Choose from the small teapots perfect for the flowering tea blooms although you can use them for any type of tea including teabags.

The larger teapots are practical for everyday use and as with all our teapots good pourers too.

Clean lines‚stylish these glass teapots would grace any table.


We have 4 products in this section

Fran - Glass Teapot with stainless steel tea filter

This glass teapot has a generous 1 litre ( approx 2pints ) capacity and a removeable stainless steel tea basket. The basket is much more generous size than in many modern glass teapots allowing for plenty of expansion for larger leaved teas. The filter holes are fine so suitable for virtually everytype of tea. READ MORE...

Price: @ £27.00

Grace Glass Teapot

Teapots can be elegant and stylish and this is such a one. READ MORE...

Price: @ £25.00

Lin Glass Teapot

A small glass teapot that is ideally suited to the flowering tea bloom enabling it open and display beautifully. READ MORE...

Price: @ £15.00

Yun Glass Teapot

This is a very pretty little glass teapot with a graceful shape. READ MORE...

Price: @ £17.50