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Caffeine Free Teas

We are aware that some people have little or no tolerance to caffeine and therefore offer a small selection of caffeine free teas.

We have a traditional Ceylon Tea ( Sri Lanka) which is full of body and makes a good all round drink for throughout the day.

We also have small selection of high grade Rooibos teas. Also known as Redbush these teas are made from a different plant family to the 'normal' tea. The rooibos plant from South Africa has a good robust flavour and it also mixes well with other ingredients to make some flavoursome teas. Free from caffeine and  also tannic acid. 

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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

The beautiful Butterfly Blue Pea Flower grows in the Far East where it is harvested and used to make a stunning and delicious infusion. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Blue Butterfly Pea Flower @ £ 1.50
Buy 50g Blue Butterfly Pea Flower @ £ 5.00
Buy 100g Blue Butterfly Pea Flower @ £ 9.50
Buy 250g Blue Butterfly Pea Flower @ £ 23.00

Camomile Tea

Camomile tea is light refreshing and has a reputation for having a calming effect and helping aid sleep. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Camomile Tea @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Camomile Tea @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Camomile Tea @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Camomile Tea @ £ 14.00

Ceylon - Decaffeinated

A good quality decaffeinated Ceylon tea. with plenty of body and flavour for those with a caffeine intolerance. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Ceylon - Decaffeinated @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Ceylon - Decaffeinated @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Ceylon - Decaffeinated @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Ceylon - Decaffeinated @ £ 14.00

Egyptian Mint

A real thirst quenching drink whether taken hot or cold. A traditional part of the Middle Eastern tea culture with addition of sugar‚ if preferred‚ both clean‚ gentle and sweet. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Egyptian Mint @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Egyptian Mint @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Egyptian Mint @ £ 6.00
Buy 250g Egyptian Mint @ £ 13.00

Elderflower and Lemon

Soft‚ light sweetness of elder flower with the zestiness of lemon. Cool and refreshing and which can be drunk either hot or cold. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Elderflower and Lemon @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Elderflower and Lemon @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Elderflower and Lemon @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Elderflower and Lemon @ £ 12.00

Emma's Pomegranate

Great Taste Award Winner - 2017.

Winner of the
Buy 10g Trial Emma's Pomegranate @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Emma's Pomegranate @ £ 3.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE £1.75
Buy 100g Emma's Pomegranate @ £ 5.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £3.00
Buy 250g Emma's Pomegranate @ £ 12.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE £7.50

Gingerbread & Orange Rooibos

Rooibos blends really well with other flavours and it works espcially well here with ginger‚ spices‚ nuts and a dash of orange. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Gingerbread & Orange Rooibos @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Gingerbread & Orange Rooibos @ £ 3.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £1.75
Buy 100g Gingerbread & Orange Rooibos @ £ 6.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £3.25
Buy 250g Gingerbread & Orange Rooibos @ £ 14.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £7.25

Gingerbread Rooibos

The rich‚ earthy taste of rooibos with a kick of ginger and spices. Great for those cooler days. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Gingerbread Rooibos @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Gingerbread Rooibos @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Gingerbread Rooibos @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Gingerbread Rooibos @ £ 14.50

Goji Wellness Tea

Goji berries are known as 'the happy' berry in China. The Chinese believe that this little red berry has lots of beneficial properties for your wellbeing.  READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 14.00

Harmony Tea

This is an exceptionally skilled blend of fruits‚flowers and leaves that combine to give a lovely hint of spring like flowers and of sweet fruit. READ MORE...

Buy 50g Harmony Tea @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Harmony Tea @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Harmony Tea @ £ 14.00

Hibiscus Blossoms

Whole hibiscus blossoms are popular across Thailand‚ China‚ parts of Africa‚ Egypt‚ Sudan and also South America. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Hibiscus Blossoms @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Hibiscus Blossoms @ £ 2.50
Buy 100g Hibiscus Blossoms @ £ 4.50
Buy 250g Hibiscus Blossoms @ £ 10.25

Honeybush - Chocolate Cake

Honeybush (Heuningbos) comes from South Afric & is caffeine free and low in tannins. It has the added bonus of a light honey flavoured backnote. It makes a mild‚ sweet brew that can be drunk with or without milk. You can also add a tiny bit of your favourite honey if you wish to further enhance the honeyed flavour. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Honeybush - Chocolate Cake @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Honeybush - Chocolate Cake @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Honeybush - Chocolate Cake @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Honeybush - Chocolate Cake @ £ 14.50

Liquorice and Peppermint

A new addition to our list for Spring 2013. A blend of liquorice root‚ peppermint‚ lemongrass and apple pieces makes this a very tasty and sweet infusion. The liquorice gives a good depth of flavour and sweetness whilst the peppermint mint and lemon grass a refreshing clean‚ light edge. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Liquorice and Peppermint @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Liquorice and Peppermint @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Liquorice and Peppermint @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Liquorice and Peppermint @ £ 14.00

Passionfruit and Orange

A really fruity infusion. The deep sweet flavour of passionfruit combines perfectly with the flavour of juicy‚ sweet orange. Delightful hot and delicious as a cold brew. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Passionfruit and Orange @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Passionfruit and Orange @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Passionfruit and Orange @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Passionfruit and Orange @ £ 12.00


Peppermint is a popular and very traditional infusion.

Buy 10g Trial Peppermint @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Peppermint @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Peppermint @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Peppermint @ £ 12.00

Raspberry and Rhubarb Rooibos

A summer favourite here - Raspberry and Rhubarb Rooibos. Sweet with a hint of tartness and with the good base of a quality rooibos. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Raspberry and Rhubarb Rooibos @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Raspberry and Rhubarb Rooibos @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Raspberry and Rhubarb Rooibos @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Raspberry and Rhubarb Rooibos @ £ 14.00


An exceptional good quality plain Rooibos for those who you who prefer the unblended version or like to blend your own flavoured teas. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Rooibos @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Rooibos @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Rooibos @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Rooibos @ £ 14.00

Rooibos Chai

Rooibos Chai also known as Redbush Chai fits the bill for those who love rooibos tea and spices as well as those who love chai but can't tolerate caffeine or the tannic acids found in tea. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Rooibos Chai @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Rooibos Chai @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Rooibos Chai @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Rooibos Chai @ £ 12.00

Tarocco Sunrise ( Blood Orange)

The flavour of blood oranges zings through this fruit infusion. Refreshing‚tasty and with a slight citrus tang just the thing for a refreshing fruity drink. READ MORE...

Buy 50g Tarocco Sunrise ( Blood Orange) @ £ 3.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE £1.75
Buy 100g Tarocco Sunrise ( Blood Orange) @ £ 5.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £2.75

Very Berry

Busrting with summer fruits this is a great infusion for young and old. It makes a lovely warming drink on cooler days and on hot days try making it as cold infusion and pour over ice. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Very Berry @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Very Berry @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Very Berry @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Very Berry @ £ 12.00