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Fruit Infusions

Some people prefer a warm drink that is caffeine and tannin free. In this section we have included a small selection of herbal and fruit based infusions.

The herbal infusions have been drunk for centuries and there are many claims to their theraputic qualities. For our part we just enjoy them as an alternative to teas.

The fruit teas are suitable for children and adults. They have no added sugar and contain only natural flavouring. They can be drunk hot or cold.

We have 6 products in this section

Elderflower and Lemon

Soft‚ light sweetness of elder flower with the zestiness of lemon. Cool and refreshing and which can be drunk either hot or cold. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Elderflower and Lemon @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Elderflower and Lemon @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Elderflower and Lemon @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Elderflower and Lemon @ £ 12.00

Emma's Pomegranate

Great Taste Award Winner - 2017.

Winner of the
Buy 10g Trial Emma's Pomegranate @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Emma's Pomegranate @ £ 3.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE £1.75
Buy 100g Emma's Pomegranate @ £ 5.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £3.00
Buy 250g Emma's Pomegranate @ £ 12.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE £7.50

Goji Wellness Tea

Goji berries are known as 'the happy' berry in China. The Chinese believe that this little red berry has lots of beneficial properties for your wellbeing.  READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 14.00

Passionfruit and Orange

A really fruity infusion. The deep sweet flavour of passionfruit combines perfectly with the flavour of juicy‚ sweet orange. Delightful hot and delicious as a cold brew. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Passionfruit and Orange @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Passionfruit and Orange @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Passionfruit and Orange @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Passionfruit and Orange @ £ 12.00

Tarocco Sunrise ( Blood Orange)

The flavour of blood oranges zings through this fruit infusion. Refreshing‚tasty and with a slight citrus tang just the thing for a refreshing fruity drink. READ MORE...

Buy 50g Tarocco Sunrise ( Blood Orange) @ £ 3.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE £1.75
Buy 100g Tarocco Sunrise ( Blood Orange) @ £ 5.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £2.75

Very Berry

Busrting with summer fruits this is a great infusion for young and old. It makes a lovely warming drink on cooler days and on hot days try making it as cold infusion and pour over ice. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Very Berry @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Very Berry @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Very Berry @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Very Berry @ £ 12.00