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White Teas

White teas have been gaining popularity over the last few years.

The least processed of all the teas these are light and fresh. For those who like green teas these offer another range in the lighter spectrum of teas. 

Suitable for re-infusion our starter tea in this section is a good introduction to white teas. It is a good natured tea that is a little more forgiving than others with water temperatures so interesting to experiment with too.

We have 2 products in this section

Pai Mu Tan

Pai Mu Tan also known as White Peony is a popular and tasty introduction into white teas. Coming from one of the famous tea growing areas‚ Fujian province in China.  READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Pai Mu Tan @ £ 1.50
Buy 40g Pai Mu Tan @ £ 4.50
Buy 100g Pai Mu Tan @ £ 11.50
Buy 250g Pai Mu Tan @ £ 21.00

White Bellini

Inspired by the wonderful Peach Bellini cocktail this white tea blend is bursting with the taste of peach and raspberries and with hint of white grape. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial White Bellini @ £ 1.50
Buy 40g White Bellini @ £ 4.50
Buy 100g White Bellini @ £ 11.50
Buy 250g White Bellini @ £ 21.00