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Green Teas

Green teas can be light‚ refreshing‚subtle‚interesting‚flavoursome and more.

Our green tea selection comes from China although we hope to intoduce some others from other places in the not too distant future.

With skilled growers and pickers working with tea masters who are dedicated to producing excellent teas some distinctive and flavoursome teas are available.We have chosen a small selection which are easy on the palette and purse. 

Chose from the steamed Sencha or more robust Gunpowder for plain green teas. If you want a flavoured green tea consider the Japanese Cherry which is both light and sweet‚ very popular. Wild Grey - the green version of our Earl Grey is a wonderful summery brew.

Or why not choose a traditional Jasmine - there are three to choose from and each with a distinct personality.

As with all our teas you can try them in a trial size (10g) right through to the economy size packs.

Enjoy choosing. Enjoy your tea experience.

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Chinese Sencha

Chinese Sencha can be consumed at any time and on any occasion. A popular standard of green tea both here and in China. A large leafed tea which is slightly brittle. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Chinese Sencha @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Chinese Sencha @ £ 3.30
Buy 100g Chinese Sencha @ £ 6.00
Buy 250g Chinese Sencha @ £ 13.50

Dragon Well

Dragon Well - Lung Ching. A well known and respected tea. It has been grown for centuries and has been a much prized tea‚ even being awarded the title of the Emperor's Tea.  READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Dragon Well @ £ 2.00
Buy 50g Dragon Well @ £ 5.50
Buy 100g Dragon Well @ £ 10.00
Buy 250g Dragon Well @ £ 23.00


A very distinctive tea from Japan made with Bancha‚ a green tea and roasted and 'popped' rice. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Genmaicha @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Genmaicha @ £ 4.00
Buy 100g Genmaicha @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Genmaicha @ £ 15.00

Green Kombucha

A combination of Chinese Sencha green tea‚ kombucha powder‚ fruit leaves and herbs and flowers give this tea a distict aroma and taste of sweet plums. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Green Kombucha @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Green Kombucha @ £ 3.30
Buy 100g Green Kombucha @ £ 6.00
Buy 250g Green Kombucha @ £ 13.00


This tea gets its name from the rolled leaves which resemble gunpowder pellets. Once in hot water these unfurl. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Gunpowder @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Gunpowder @ £ 3.00
Buy 100g Gunpowder @ £ 5.50
Buy 250g Gunpowder @ £ 12.00


This must be one of the most famous exports from China. Most people have tried this tea at some time either at home or in a restaurant. It is delicious on its own or with a meal. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Jasmine @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Jasmine @ £ 3.30
Buy 100g Jasmine @ £ 6.00
Buy 250g Jasmine @ £ 13.50

Jasmine Chung Hao

Jasmine Chung Hao was one of the teas especially reserved for the Imperial Courts because of its fine and distinct flavour. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Jasmine Chung Hao @ £ 1.50
Buy 50g Jasmine Chung Hao @ £ 4.00
Buy 100g Jasmine Chung Hao @ £ 7.00
Buy 250g Jasmine Chung Hao @ £ 16.00

Mango Delight

Mango Delight has been added to our collection to get you in the mood for warm sunny days....... READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Mango Delight @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Mango Delight @ £ 3.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £1.75
Buy 100g Mango Delight @ £ 6.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £3.25
Buy 250g Mango Delight @ £ 14.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE £7.00

Mao Feng

Small‚ dark green leaves release a smooth tea ‚ soft to drink with a fragrant aroma. This is a fine quality green tea and already a firm favourite with our customers. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Mao Feng @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Mao Feng @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Mao Feng @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Mao Feng @ £ 14.00

Wild Grey

A very popular tea especially with those who like Earl Grey tea. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Wild Grey @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Wild Grey @ £ 3.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £1.75
Buy 100g Wild Grey @ £ 6.50 DISCOUNTED PRICE £3.25
Buy 250g Wild Grey @ £ 14.00 DISCOUNTED PRICE £7.00