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Wellness Teas

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The idea of the Wellness tea is nothing new. This type of infusion has been brewed and drunk for centuries across the globe.Coming from the idea of working with nature and using natural ingredients many people believe the ingredients are beneficial to health too. 

These teas and infusions contain tasty blends of fruit‚ flowers‚ herbs and teas. They are also caffeine free.

All the teas are made using the best natural ingredients. With no added sugar and only natural flavourings‚ they are suitable all the family.

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Goji Wellness Tea

Goji berries are known as 'the happy' berry in China. The Chinese believe that this little red berry has lots of beneficial properties for your wellbeing.  READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Goji Wellness Tea @ £ 14.00

Green Kombucha

A combination of Chinese Sencha green tea‚ kombucha powder‚ fruit leaves and herbs and flowers give this tea a distict aroma and taste of sweet plums. READ MORE...

Buy 10g Trial Green Kombucha @ £ 1.00
Buy 50g Green Kombucha @ £ 3.30
Buy 100g Green Kombucha @ £ 6.00
Buy 250g Green Kombucha @ £ 13.00

Harmony Tea

This is an exceptionally skilled blend of fruits‚flowers and leaves that combine to give a lovely hint of spring like flowers and of sweet fruit. READ MORE...

Buy 50g Harmony Tea @ £ 3.50
Buy 100g Harmony Tea @ £ 6.50
Buy 250g Harmony Tea @ £ 14.00