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Chinese Sencha

Chinese Sencha can be consumed at any time and on any occasion. A popular standard of green tea both here and in China. A large leafed tea which is slightly brittle.

The middle leaf shoots have been used to make this tea which is also lightly steamed during the production process. This gives the dried tea leaves a lovely olive green colour. The cup when made has a delightful greenish yellow hue with a mild‚ soft taste enhanced with a sweetish note.

A perfect tea for anyone looking for an introduction to green teas.

Instructions: 1 level teaspoon per serving‚ Water 75-80C‚ Infusion: 1-3 minutes approx


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I have been purchasing teas from Ann for a few years and can highly recommend the quality of her teas. We have been going to the Far East for many years and therefore a good judge on chinese teas. Her knowledge and enthusiasm is excellent. Having just returned from another holiday in Bejing I still felt it necessary to buy Ann's chinese tea to build up my stock. Thank you Ann.

- Lesley Jacques