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Rose Cong Fu-Rose Meigui

One of the most popular of the scented Chinese teas this is a classic. Keemun tea from Anhui province has red rose petals layered through it during the production process. Once the tea has absorbed the rose fragrance most of the petals are sieved out leaving a gently frangranced tea. A few rose petals are then popped back into the tea for decoration prior to packing.

The addition of the rose petals gives this lovely mild tea a sweet flavour although this is subtle‚not overpowering. 

This tea can be drunk without or without milk. Some people even like it with a dash of cream.

Instructions: 1 level teaspoon per serving  Water 100C    Infuse 3-5 minutes

Buy 10g Trial Rose Cong Fu-Rose Meigui @ £1.00
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Buy 100g Rose Cong Fu-Rose Meigui @ £6.00
Buy 250g Rose Cong Fu-Rose Meigui @ £13.30

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Such a delicate fragrance,so light and refreshing. I close my eyes and it brings memories of sitting in the garden on hot summery days...fabulous - JF Yorkshire