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Harmony Tea

This is an exceptionally skilled blend of fruits‚flowers and leaves that combine to give a lovely hint of spring like flowers and of sweet fruit.

This tea is very refreshing and clean tasting. It is a very attractive dry mix that releases a soft sweet aroma as it infuses. The Harmony Wellness Tea is suitable to be drunk at any time.   

The mix includes lemon grass‚eucalyptus‚dragon fruit‚orange peel‚marigolds‚blue cornflowers and lemon grass. A gentle and refreshing infusion.

Harmony Wellness Tea makes a lovely gift - a thank you‚ for friend's birthday or just because you want to give one.  Or a nice drink for when you want to relax and unwind.

Great Taste Award Winner - 2 star   


Buy 50g Harmony Tea @ £3.50
Buy 100g Harmony Tea @ £6.50
Buy 250g Harmony Tea @ £14.00

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