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Tarocco Sunrise ( Blood Orange)

The flavour of blood oranges zings through this fruit infusion. Refreshing‚tasty and with a slight citrus tang just the thing for a refreshing fruity drink.

Drink it hot or cold. You can also sweeten if you need to with a little agarve syrup - much nicer than sugar.

Contains Rose Hip peel‚ Hibiscus flowers‚apple pieces‚safflower and natural blood orange flavouring.

1 heaped spoon per serving‚ Water 100C‚ infuse 10 - 12 mins

Top Tips: Make sure you leave the brew to infuse for long enough - don't be too impatient

If you are making an iced tea you can also make ice cubes with the tea too. That way when the ice melts in your drink it won't dilute it.

Very limited stock

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