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Honeybush - Chocolate Cake

Honeybush (Heuningbos) comes from South Afric & is caffeine free and low in tannins. It has the added bonus of a light honey flavoured backnote. It makes a mild‚ sweet brew that can be drunk with or without milk. You can also add a tiny bit of your favourite honey if you wish to further enhance the honeyed flavour.

Honeybush‚ like Rooibos also blends well with other flavours and here we have a blend that should suit anyone who loves honey or chocolate - Chocolate Cake. The rich taste of chocolate carefully balanced with the Honeybush to produce a tasty but surprisingly not overly sweet drink.

The Honeybush also has the advantage of not turning bitter from long brewing times.

Instructions: 1 heaped teaspoon per serving  Water: 100C  Infuse: 8-10 mins

Allergen note: Contains Dairy and Soy





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