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Emma's Pomegranate

Great Taste Award Winner - 2017.

Described by the judges as being ' an'attractive pot pourri of dried fruits‚ leaves and blossoms‚ with an aroma to match‚ most enticing. There is a lovely depth of clarity to the infusion. The marked hibiscus and pomegranate sourness is nicely softened by the apple and liquorice.....

This certainly doesn't disappoint in terms of mouth filling flavour and its sourly refreshing character‚ with no hint of any cloying sweetness makes it very easy to drink a cupful‚ or several. ....

It would make a delightful iced tea and could easily form the basis of an enticing cocktail or 'mocktail'. ' 

We couldn't agree more and think this is a a great fruit infusion for the grown ups who don't always want a really sweet drink.

Brewing instructions: 1 to 2 heaped teaspoons per serving‚

Water:100C   Infuse: 10-12 minutes

Ingredients: Hibiscus blossom‚ liquorice root‚ apple pieces‚ blackberry leaves‚ natural flavouring‚ pomegranate blossom.

ADVICE: Contains liquorice root - if you suffer from hypertension or are pregnant avoid excessive consumption.

Winner of the
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