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Earl Grey Collection No 1

For many people the scent and taste of Earl Grey tea evokes memories of Afternoon Tea or perhaps relaxing summer afternoons in the garden. Why not treat someone you know to gift of summer in box. Our special gift contains 3 x 50g of our own special blends from our Earl Grey family.

Each box contains 50g Earl Grey Blue Lady - our very popular blend of this traditional favourite with the addition of blue cornflowers.

50g Angel Grey - a unique blend of Earl Grey together with vanilla and roses.

50g Earl Grey Gold Lady - another unique blend of Earl Grey but with a hint of citrus and grapefruit

We also include 20 DIY unbleached paper teabags to get you started if you are new to loose leaf tea.

* Photo for illustration only‚ the box will conatin the teas listed above not as shown.

Price: Earl Grey Collection No 1 @ £ 14.00

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