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Lin Glass Teapot

A small glass teapot that is ideally suited to the flowering tea bloom enabling it open and display beautifully.

The teapots can also be used with loose tea leaves‚ herbal teas and also teabags. A practical little one person teapot when used this way.

Easy to use and clean‚the teapots have a little coiled filter which is easy to remove and which allows you to use the teapots for flowering tea blooms. The handle is also detachable making it easy to clean and for storage when not in use.

The teapot capacity is .36 l.

The approximate size is 14cm x 8cm ( height & body of teapot)

And for those wishing to use the teapot with the flowering tea blooms we have some matching glass teabowls - doubled walled to keep the tea warm without burning your hands. As the teabowls are traditional small the teapot could be used for two people.

Price: Lin Glass Teapot @ £ 15.00

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